Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dare to Dream

So I arrived in St. Barth on Friday and the only yacht parked in the harbor is called ""Dare to Dream." I found this particularly appropriate since my life feels pretty dreamy right now. I'm planning a wedding (or two), working with a few clients and am sitting on the terrace over-looking Gustavia Harbor with a nice breeze going. This is after a day of diving, a leisurely lunch on the other side of the Island, and a nice walk along the beach. Yep, pretty dreamy. But lots of things happened just right to get us to the end result.

My trip to St Barth's was specifically to blow off some steam. I had just completed a grueling 3 weeks on the road which actually pushed my daily hours up even more. There was little time for sleep - just get from meeting to meeting, conference to conference and try and take care of your team back home. I was ready for a break. On the second to last night of this trip, I'm walking back to our hotel along the beach after a particularly silly day and get to the beach bar at our hotel. The exact order of events are foggy but suffice it to say, I picked up my now fiance at a bar. The next two nights we spent together and i ALMOST extended my trip - but there were issues back at the office so home I went. We talked quite a bit and I did the thing that all people do when they get away from their daily lives and said - out loud "I would love to just move to an island." Yeah it's always been a dream for me - but not one that would ever get fulfilled. When I left, we did the polite promise to keep in touch and I really thought I was heading back to work.

After i got back to NY from my trip a quickly made plans to come back. I wish I could put my finger on it - but I KNEW I had to come back and spend some more time with this guy. There was something about him. So on the morning I was heading back I boarded a plane and we took off. About  4 minutes into the flight I feel the plane make  sharp turn and the pilot comes over the loud-speaker "Ladies & Gentleman, there is no reason to panic...the smell of smoke in the cabin, return to Newark." reason to panic - the engine's on fire. Ok - we land apparently the 1/2 dozen fire trucks that were there to meet us said we were good an back to the gate we went. At this point I called a friend or two who knew where I was headed and thought for sure it was a sign that I should run out of the airport and hop in a cab back to the city - there was no way I was...and then I was called to the counter for my upgrade....

So that's how I ended up coming back and why I can sit on this terrace with the island breeze and type this blog.

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