Monday, September 24, 2012

My Better Half

You hear phrases like this all the time: "my better half" "my significant other" " my other half" . I have heard this so much over the years and never really thought about it. As an "independent single woman" I was so confused by these words - I was a whole person and didn't need anyone else, or so I thought. It's funny how over the last year and half this has changed so much in my own mind. I'm not saying you can't be complete without someone - there are many people out there who live very full lives without getting married. What I do know about my personal experience is that now I do feel "more" complete.

When my husband left here the other day we once again we had a long teary goodbye. I was completely overcome with emotion. It didn't matter that this is going to be a short break, I absolutely HATED saying goodbye to him again. Then I was mad at myself a little at how silly I was being but that "strong independent" girl inside was so confused and annoyed with my emotion and tears.Then I saw a good friend post something about her other half and how being with them makes it all better - she is in a similar long distance relationship so if anyone can relate.... It clicked - part of me WAS getting on a plane and the other part was going back to her parents. It really got me thinking a lot about these sayings. And while I don't think people are "incomplete" without significant others I do know that I feel better when I am near my husband.

Now that I have found my "missing piece" I have a better understanding of all this. I am happier now than I have ever been and I feel empty and a little depressed when we aren't together. I am lucky enough to have found someone who loves me deeply and unconditionally. Someone who's simple presence makes a lot of the everyday things seem less important. The time apart is HARD and it's harder now that we are married. We made a huge mistake by not spending these weeks together as opposed to mostly apart. We are both much better when we are together. We are better equipped to handle the little things life throws in our direction. I think that's why they refer to it as better half - you are better when you are together and you have each other to support!

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