Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Remember

It's been 11 years and its yet so very very fresh. This day has always been a reminder of how lucky I was that day and how amazing New Yorkers are. I miss living in the city but I will always be a New Yorker. This day always brings with it such a rush of emotions because I remember it all.

I remember waking up getting ready for an early meeting, the meeting was cancelled at the 11th hour so instead of heading all the way downtown I went to the office.

I remember the crisp air and perfect sky and thinking how beautiful the city looked.

I remember being on the phone with my and my brother calling 5 or 6 times before I answered assuming he was calling about Yankee tickets he was supposed to pick up later

I remember him yelling at me for not answering sooner, I remember being annoyed then I remember all he could say was "they did it on purpose."

I remember not knowing what he was talking about and then we turned on the TV

I remember getting in a cab and going home

I remember the there was no meter that day we just listened in silence as the towers fell, i didn't know any of the people that got in that cab with me

I remember the calls from some amazing friends on the west coast to make sure I was OK

I remember waiting for word from my roommate that she was ok

I remember seeing her walk in the door and knew that what she had witnessed she would never forget

I remember frantically dialing people and getting everyone accounted for

I remember walking through the park and getting my friend Doug on the phone - he was safe.

I remember picking up my cousin from school and looking around and children were waiting news of parents who worked there

I remember just sitting in front of the TV in shock

I remember around 9pm thinking everyone had been accounted for and feeling so happy that my friends were ok, Feeling guilty knowing so many people weren't

I remember the phone ringing late and the voice on the other end and knew instantly that the tragedy hit people I care about and not knowing what to say

I remember waiting for news for days, news that we knew wasn't coming but still hoped

I remember seeing my old friend and thinking how silly we had been and without a word we hugged and it was the past, this is what mattered now

I remember how we came together to celebrate lives cut way too short

I remember how the city and the country changed forever

I remember the smell of smoke for days

I remember the first time I drove up the turnpike and didn't see those towers sparkle in the skyline

I remember it all so very clearly

Like many of you I will NEVER EVER forget that day or the friends I lost or their families as they relieve it. I will never forget that day or the weeks following and how we all came together. How strangers helped each other. I was then and still am proud to be a New Yorker even if my address has changed.

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