Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Wow, that's pretty much all I can say. We did it - twice and if we thought St Barth was perfect for its intimacy then New York was perfect for the details. It was a LOT of work to get there but in the end, I couldn't be happier with the results. Surrounded by most of the significant people in my life, we got to celebrate the night away. There were some very important people who for various good reason were unable to be there and were missed but we still felt their presence and support and that is what matters.

We continue to sit in amazement at how lucky we are. I want to take a moment to thank some folks that were the "behind the scenes" working on so many of the details that made the night so special. First to the folks at Abigail Kirsch for the food and the overall organization of the night. To Scratch DJs an specifically DJ Vida who had everyone's feet hurting the next morning - always a good sign. The Glass Houses that provided the most incredibly backdrop of the NYC and NJ skylines and one of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen.  To Angelo Lambrou who created the PERFECT dress for me - you are a GENIUS. To my uncle who made sure that some of the men looked sharp. To Renny & Reed who's flowers were elegant and a perfect reflection.To Lela Edgar who's photographic genius captured the evening. To Corey for the taking the video and getting it in a format that we will always have. Finally, to my dear friend Masha who created a beautiful memory for us with that slideshow and helped with so many of the little details - words can not express our gratitude. If anyone reading this needs any of these services - ask me how to contact these people because they were all amazing!!!!

My father made the most beautiful toast and we will cherish that speech always. Our friend David told our story from his point of view and got everyone to laugh and gave me a little insight to what was happening when we weren't together. By the time I was supposed to speak I was already so overwhelmed there was little to say other than THANK YOU!

All of these details helped us celebrate and get to enjoy this time together. There were so many little things that were done for reasons other than "it's really pretty." We really wanted to celebrate "us" and get my NYC friends and Family a little taste of St Barth. The colors were a reflection of the place we met, the location was to view where I was from, the food included some of our favorite things, the music was meant to show off who we are. We named the tables after some of significant spots for us - yes they were all in St Barth but we wanted to bring that to NYC. My focus was that is was a reflection of us - I hope we came through, I think we did.

But really the evening was so great because of the people that were there. You all play a very important part of my life and now our lives. Some of you traveled very far to be there - that means the world to us. Others had pregnant bellies and or kids at home which I know makes it tough to get away. Even for those of you thatOur journey to this point was made possible mostly by the love and support we got during our journey - and maybe a little patience than either of. You were the shoulders I leaned on when the days apart became unbearable, you were the ears that listened when I questioned myself, you were the voices of encouragement when I made some of the toughest decisions in my life to get here. In no way is this journey done - it's just now beginning. I sincerely hope that some day every single one of the people that were there (and the ones that couldn't) come to visit to see where we fell in love and our new home!


  1. We need the recipe for that "green drink." Its my new favorite thing.

  2. http://www.davidandcorey.com/JoWedHD.mp4