Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

This is something that keeps going through my mind. Not about getting married but not making sure I had at least one of my "peeps" here. One of the things I suck at the most is asking for help. A word to any friends planning to get married far from where your close friends and family live - make sure you have a few people there in the approaching days to help - and I am not talking about just the groom. There are so many things I didn't think about when planning this - the biggest was my ability to completely lose my mind at a moments notice and that I might need a little support. By the way - it's not like I didn't have offers, I did, this is 1000% my fault I was under the delusion that because everything was essentially done, I didn't need real help. I didn't think about needing girl support.

I am still very new to this island and my French, well let's just say I'm not having a ton of success there, YET. There are several things that I need to take care of that are not things i want my fiance to help with. Like the right place to get my hair done or where to get a mani & pedi stuff and of course to join me on some shopping (he really hates shopping). An example where this almost all bit me in the butt is the hair appointment. The lovely woman at shop understood my broken French to say 2pm and I meant 12pm for the appointment, it got resolved but I still had a mini mental breakdown over it and having one of my friends here present to remind me that it's not a big deal in person would have made it easier. But fear not, my hair will be properly tamed thanks to some very understanding woman who agreed to give me her appointment so I wouldn't scare my future husband away on our wedding day.

Then there is my current living situation. First let me be clear - I love all of these guys. But a bride needs some girls around her in her final hours of singleton and right now it's me and four guys. They are doing their best to understand my wacky ways and pretty sure they realize that look on my face is related to stress. But let's face it one women and four men - yeah, i could have really used some girl-power. They are helping with the things they can - music, food, general errands (definitely going to take advantage of their offers). But I definitely feel a huge void of not having a girlfriend here to talk to, to reassure me that it will be fine, To go get the mani/pedi with or help me with actual shopping - it's just different having your girls around and I am an IDIOT for not having them here.

There is a happy ending here - my girls arrive tomorrow along with my family - even though I initially told them to save the money and just celebrate in NY. Thank Goodness they are all smarter than I am because I would have really regretted NOT having them here in a very very big way. Yep, I know I'M A BIG FAT DUMMY (i think we have that well established).

The first thing I am going to do when everyone gets off that boat tomorrow is give them each the biggest hug I ever have because they are here when I actually will REALLY need them and because they are always there when I need them - even if I act like a dummy from time to time.

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