Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Absolute Perfection

All I can say after the last few days is perfection. We worked so very hard to get here from the very beginning and when all is said and done our wedding was more than I could have dreamed for. After all the fights with the paperwork and the many weeks apart that felt like years I am finally Madame Morvan and one of the most blessed people on earth.

The weekend kicked off with the arrival of my friends & family on Thursday. When their boat pulled up I think I flew into it - and I am not so good at hopping on boats. After lots of hugging laughing and screeching we all had a wonderful dinner at the place we met. This was the first time many of these people met and it was fun to see the new interactions. One thing is for sure - we have surrounded ourselves with a lot of amazing people. The speeches were all very touching and we are still overwhelmed.

The wedding day started pretty typical - primping with my girls present then a little champagne as we put the final touches together. Seeing my dad see me in my dress was something I won't forget - you know that commercial where the dad is giving the keys to his teenage daughter but all he sees is a little girl - that was the look and it was touching.  I was definitely missing a few people but between my accessories, shoes, and flowers they were there and close to my heart.

I was freakishly calm though. I mean I waited for this day for 40 years - but I was still really calm inside. One of my favorite moments came early though - when my dad and i turned the corner and into the room and I saw Didier's emotions on his face - that's the second image I have. The ceremony was beautiful in both French and English - I think even the officer who helped with our paperwork was a little moved by it all.

We then toasted on Shell Beach - which is where I fell in love with him the second time I came to St Barth. Followed by the perfect party at a villa my family rented for the weekend. The party was something truly special. It was small and intimate but still a BLAST! People from all parts of our lives were there and everyone mingled and got along extremely well. It ended with everyone in the pool - kicked off by my new stepson and another friend of ours.

There are many many pictures and memories that we will cherish forever. I need to take a moment to thank everyone who supported us especially my parents who have been going above and beyond to make this day special, to my new family that flew from France, to everyone that came from NY, our friends here is St Barth and most of all to my HUSBAND who gave me the greatest gift I could have asked for - his heart. Je t'aime.

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