Monday, June 18, 2012

I Hate Moving

There is just no way to sugar coat my moving process - it has been the most complicated move ever. You see normally when people move, everything gets packed up at one location and all gets moved to another. Not this girl, nope, I now have possessions in 4 different locations and it has made this move painful and complicated and more emotional than I was prepared for. Since I can't legally move to St. Barth full-time until after we get married and really won't be doing it until the beginning of the next high season in November it complicates the move.

The day the movers showed up I was nothing short of a basket case. Watching complete strangers pack my things and knowing my city life was ending was emotional...but then came the hard part. I am very slowly moving some items to my new home - you see two single men lived there before so things like matching sheets, pillows for guests, and decent kitchen supplies well let's just say they aren't a priority. So being in my new home with very few of my things is hard.

Then there is the stuff that is in storage - all my "good" stuff is there and moving it south - well despite the outward appearance of moving to someplace as seemingly glamorous as St Barth - I am NOT independently wealthy and to move these things could be cost prohibitive - this is something I am still investigating. Some of my things are in temporary residence at a friends, that is actually comforting - they should be used and enjoyed, not locked away in a 10x10 room for who knows how long.

And then there is my temporary residence with my parents, who I adore, but let's face it I am 40 and living with mom and dad is not easy on any of us. First I still have a ton of stuff that needs to be sorted through - storage, junk, st. barth, give away....this is a process I have gone through almost every day for the last week. Then there is just the overall difference in daily life - no central park to take the dog to in the morning, sharing a bathroom, and sharing meals with people that I have developed a different diet from over the last 20 or so years not living under their roof.

I can't wait until the process is over, I am starting to see the light, but next time I move - it's all going to the same place. And GOD WILLING, I'll just have it all shipped to a final destination. For now - I am searching for things that I am sure will show up eventually, finding things that I haven't seen since I moved INTO the last apartment, and sorting through memories of the last 15+ years of my life that bring a mix of smiles, tears, and out right belly laughs. One thing that won't happen - I won't be moving it to 4 different locations!

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