Monday, March 25, 2013

Freedoms & Friendships

For those of you who have been reading, I think it's fair to say that my transition has not been the smoothest of transitions. I never expected it to be, but I wasn't prepared for some of the things that became increasingly difficult every day. The language, the new way of life, the new roommate, and new "rules" it was a lot all at once. I think the two biggest things for me were the friendships and freedoms were not as plentiful as they had been for me over the first 40 years of my life.

I never did have a hard time making friends and I have been blessed with some of the best a girl could ask for. Here it was harder since finding common ground isn't as easy as it was back in NYC. I mean think about - growing up you are all in school so you make friends that way, as you get older it's through after school activities, and then jobs. There is always some sort of social aspect to it. Here, I work from home and don't speak the language and there isn't exactly a huge advertising and marketing community here so's not been so easy. 

Then there were some missing "freedoms" that I had taken for granted for so long. A bank account, transportation, the ability to just do something without someone else's help. For 3 months - I had to rely on someone else to do just about everything. I had to ask to use the car, needed him to get me a cell phone and pretty much have him take care of everything.

Well, like with everything, time changes things. As I spend more time here I don't feel as MUCH as an outsider anymore. I feel like I am starting to develop friendships and fell like part of a group. We do things together and I am starting to participate more in conversations in French. Heck, I am even making plans and doing things with others. My social circle is still largely dependent on the dive center and my husbands friends, but that's normal I think.

On the freedoms - I got a car, well sort of, it's currently having "technical difficulties" but it's a car and I can use it whenever I want. I am running my own errands and even dealing with administrative things on my own. And my big freedom? Well I am doing my next level of certification and have started leading dives - I will be a Dive Master yet!!!!

Making new friends, learning to dive, learning a language - these are not typical things a 40 something is normally has to deal with but I have to say, it's been a really fun ride! I am loving this adventure and am looking for to many many more firsts. Like this week - my first Bucket Regatta which I am soooo excited to get to watch from the best seat in the house - my husbands boat with some great friends. I promise to post some pics.

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