Friday, November 9, 2012

Leavin' On a Jet Plane

Don't know when I'll be back again..... Dorky Secret: for years every time got on a plane that song pops into my head, this time when it does it will be more true than it ever has been. Today is my last day here for a while and I am freakishly calm. I mean hey - the last few weeks couldn't have been more eventful - hurricane, massive blackouts, nor'easter..,4 more years, a pot's legal in 2 states, more states embracing equality...found family time, found friend time, found work time.

All of this time also gave me time to think about the last 16 years and NYC and my time here. So many memories, more good than bad. So many things I took for granted - but what New Yorker doesn't have that list. So I want to use this post to write about the things I will miss most, in no particular order. Some will be obvious some will be silly and others are surprising - even to me.
  1. Being surrounded my family and friends whenever I need or want to be
  2. Sunday dinners at my parents with fresh mozzarella, foccacia and italian cold cuts
  3. Wine with friends just because we have wine
  4. NYC brunch - there is nothing quite like it 
  5. Central Park & Riverside Park with the other dog walkers in the morning
  6. The Boat Basin in spring and summer, Lela Bar for drinks after work, Bin 71 
  7. Delivery services
  8. The NYC skyline
  9. Regular trips out west 
  10. Farmer's markets, Whole Foods, and Korean Delis
  11. Changing seasons - Green leaves, colored leaves, buds and snow covered branches
  12. Those perfect fall and spring days - when the temperature is JUST RIGHT
  13. Mexican food, thai food, chinese food....these are things that aren't exactly easy to find there
  14. Hulu, Netflix and guilty TV pleasures
  15. Yankee Stadium
But so many things I have to look forward to and can't wait to find more things to love about a my new home. I know it won't always be easy and I fully expect to feel homesick from time to time. I am approaching this as a new phase in my life with hope and excitement - which is probably a very good thing. Going forward i expect this blog to be more about Island life, me adjusting, and hopefully someday about having a baby.

For now, I saw farewell to my first real love NYC. You are and always will be the most amazing city in the world in my eyes. You are the people that live and breath everyday. You are hard and cold and warm and welcoming. I will miss you but never forget you.

Au revoir.....

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