Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding Each Other

You ever notice when you first end up in serious relationship people always ask "how did you meet?" Well we are no different. Whenever I am down at the dive center people always are curious, as of course are friends and loved ones. I mean it's not like we are a logical match, so I think people want to hear some sort of spectacular meeting. Most people assume we met diving and assume that my fiance walks up to women on a beach and asks them "Do you like the scuba?" It wasn't like that at all - we were at a bar and I picked HIM up.

I was on vacation with five fabulous women. Everyone was having lots of fun and three days in we already had enough memories to bring laughs for years to come. One common theme from the trip was that every few hours or so the question "Where's Farrah?" came up. Look we were in paradise living the high life - there were lots of shiny objects to get easily distracted by. So when after 3 or 4 hours of eating and making new friends Farrah wandered back to our hotel just up the beach, I never thought that this particular wander was about to change my life.

Sun was beginning to set and we all decided to head back to the hotel and find Farrah. After a brief swim with some of our new friends we all slowly made our way back to the hotel laughing and giggling at each other the way girls do. When we arrived, there was our friend surrounded by three men and a fluffy dog. While most of the girls had been quite flirty up to this point, I had been restrained - there was sort or a someone and I just wasn't in the flirty mood. Well, that changed the second I arrived back at Tom Beach. I walked right up to my friend and her new friends plopped myself next to this man with curly blonde hair and the most amazing blue eyes I had seen and started a conversation.

I have no idea what exactly we talked about - I did know that he was from France, he owned a dive center, and hadn't been on St Barth that long. I know we spoke in Italian a bit as my French was pathetic. I'm not going to lie the rest of the evening is a bit foggy (see above reference to Rose) but that evening I met the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with and had absolutely no idea at the time. What I do remember is that he and his friend stayed and had dinner with this crazy crew.We spent most of the evening smooching and cuddling like a couple who had been together for a little while. I also remember the way he looked at me. We spent a beautiful evening together - a lady doesn't give the details.

So there you have it - I walked up to this man at a beach bar after having just a bit to drink and I picked him up. I wish there was more to it - obviously all that came later. The moral here is when I was least expecting, while I picked him up that night - love found me when I was least expecting it and the rest, as we say, is the future :)

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